Chapters and Journal Articles

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  • The article below appears in Crossing Boundaries: Transcultural Practices in Architecture and UrbanismOASE (95), 73-84, 2015.
  • The English version  of the chapter below (showing my text only, not illustrations or excerpts of texts by Tyrwhitt) appears (in German) as "Jaqueline TYrwhitt: Vom town planning sum urban design," in Theoretikerinnen des Städtebaus, Texte und Projekte für die Stadt, edited by Katia Frey and Eliana Perotti, Reimer Verlag (Berlin) in June 2015, 221-68.
  • The article below appeared in Ekistics: the problems and science of Human Settlements, Vol.68, No. 415/416/417, 2002.
  • The article below appeared in Shelterforce. May-June, No. 69. 1993.